Drug Trafficking in California

What’s The Difference Between Selling and Trafficking?

According to California Health and Safety Code Section 11352, drug trafficking is associated with the acts of selling, transporting, administering, furnishing, selling or distributing illegal substances or offering to sell, transport, administer, furnish or attempts or attempting to transport or import any controlled substance into the state. While selling drugs typically correlates with smaller amounts intended for personal use, trafficking is tied with extensive drug activity in larger quantity.

Drug Trafficking Penalties

Drug trafficking is a felony; however, the details of the punishment depends on the type of drug, the activity, the alleged individual’s prior criminal record and other factors. Sale, transfer, transport or import of controlled substances can result in three to five years in prison. Transport from one county to another non-contiguous county can lead to an increased prison sentence of three to nine years.

Other factors which could result in enhanced charge are the following:

  • Persuading a minor to be involved in drug-related activities
  • Trafficking within 1,000 feet of schools, school-related programs, detox facilities or other protected areas
  • Trafficking across state lines and international borders (federal charges)

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