Manslaughter in California

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Even though it is considered a less severe charge compared to murder, manslaughter is a serious crime in California. Manslaughter is considered a felony in most cases, punishable by extensive prison sentences and expensive fines. If you have been arrested and charged with manslaughter, it is imperative to seek legal representation from a skilled and trustworthy criminal defense attorney.

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Manslaughter Penalties

There are three types of manslaughter crimes in California: voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter.

Voluntary manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of an individual upon sudden quarrel or heat of passion. It is considered a felony that is punishable by a state prison sentence of three, six, or 11 years.

Involuntary manslaughter occurs when one person kills another individual unintentionally either while committing a crime that is not an inherently dangerous felony or while committing a lawful act which may result in death without due caution. It is considered a felony that is punishable by a prison sentence of two, three, or four years.

Vehicular manslaughter occurs if a person hits a driver, passenger, or pedestrian that results in their death. It can be either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the facts of your individual case or your prior criminal history. A misdemeanor conviction is punishable by a maximum jail sentence of one year, while a felony conviction is punishable by prison sentence of two, four, or six years.

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