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Arrested & Charged with Murder in Southern California?

In the United States, murder is considered the most serious criminal charge a person can face. Before the trial even takes place, you may already be considered guilty in the eyes of the prosecution, the media, and the public. In order to protect your rights and best interests, it is imperative to obtain the experienced legal representation from a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

As a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney, I am a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of California. With more than four decades of experience, I have the extensive knowledge of state and federal laws regarding violent crimes, including homicide. Let me protect your rights, reputation, and freedom today.

Murder Penalties

California recognizes two types of homicide: first degree murder and second degree murder.

First degree murder is the more serious of the two since it involves premeditation, deliberate planning, and the intent to kill. This crime is punishable by a prison sentence ranging from 25 years to life, without the possibility of parole. Lifetime sentences are typically given to those who commit a first degree murder while engaging in a felony, avoiding a lawful arrest, using a bomb or explosive device, or intending to kill another individual for financial profit, or killing a peace officer, firefighter, prosecutor, or judge.

On the other hand, second degree murder is defined as any intentional killing with malice aforethought, but without premeditation or planning. It is punishable by a prison sentence ranging from 15 years to life in prison. However, the term increases to 20 years to life if the offender killed the victim while shooting a firearm from a vehicle. The term can also increase to 25 years to life if the offender kills a peace officer.

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